Friday, 13 April 2012

Got back from Berlin on Sunday, where I went with my sister for 5 days last week. If you've not been to Berlin, and like pretty buildings, beautiful shops and an amazing nightlife, then you should definitely go!
As I said, the buildings are soo pretty, the whole city looks as if around about 5 years ago, they knocked a whole city down and started again, or like the whole place is some kind of  representation of a city of the future. Why has Britain not taken Berlin as an inspiration for better things?
 Whilst we were there, we went shopping in some of the most amazing shops, including one called Paul's Boutique, (nothing to do with the extremely chavvy brand of bags), which sold anything from vintage Fred Perry coats, to battered New Balance trainers and old Adidas tees.You could spend hours sorting through the jumble of clothes here but you'll always take away something great. 

 For three of the nights there we went to a place called White Trash Fast Food, on the first night we went there, we went to the restaurant part, where you could order their dishes of Fuck-You Fries or even an Octopus Burger. The second and third night we went to White Trash we went to the club downstairs, which played decent music, had decent prices for drinks and we had a really sick time.
As well as seeing the best shops and going to great places at night, we did see some historical things, like the East Side Gallery on the Berlin wall. After they knocked down the wall, they decided to make the wall a gallery of graffiti and it's become a great place for tourists to see, and a good photograph opportunity.

So there you go, that's my time in Berlin. I really enjoyed it and would recommend anyone to go as it's a really great place to be, with loads of things to do and see. You'll be missing out if you don't.

Pictures of Paul's Boutique from Paul's Boutique

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