Friday, 18 May 2012

Okay so I've not posted in ages, due to being generally shit at keeping all this stuff up and also to being real busy with college work, working at Zara, dieting, going to the gym and some other pretty important stuff.
I've finished my AS year at college now and had my last exam today so I'm pretty relieved.
This year has gone so fast, literally like the fastest year of my schooling life. As well as being stressed out due to lack of revision, trying to stick to coursework deadlines and having the shittest Media teacher you'll ever meet, I've also met some amazing people and had some pretty funny times. Overall my first year at college has been pretty successful and I'm not complaining.
So I've got 3 weeks off college now before I go back and do a bit of A2 work before the Summer and I've planned to make the most of it. I've got 5 days of working, then going on holiday with my boyfriend, Jack, and my family, which should be pretty sick. Can't wait to get my tan on and just generally relax for a week. After I come back I've got a few days then going to Wales with my girls in my friend Frankie's caravan, it's kind of a tradition for us lot, and then it's my birthday!
So yeah can't wait to do all those things, just wanna get work out of the way then get on with it.

Haven't got any exciting pictures or anything to post ya, so just gonna post some inspirational ones and hopefully I'll have lots of my own after my holiday.

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