Sunday, 10 June 2012

Stayed in a caravan in Wales, body boarded in the sea, celebrated my birthday, bought 6 necklaces and a pair of heels, got my film camera developed, and got extremely drunk and ended up falling asleep with my head in the toilet. (And getting sick on my new shoes)
Overall I've had a pretty successful week and here are some pictures to prove it.

1- At the caravan. Shirt: H&M, Necklace: Tesco, Windbreaker: Vintage, Backpack: Vintage, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: H&M
2- Before body boarding.
3- The girls before Frankie's party. Dress: Topshop
4- Laughing gas
5 & 6- Taken on my film camera in Majorca
7 & 8- Taken on my film camera at Upfest

1 comment:

  1. great pictures!!
    love the grey cut-out dress!!