Thursday, 12 July 2012

As well as being ill as hell and working everyday this week, I have also visited my Mum and Jack in Portishead, made some collages, and rummaged around in about 10 different charity shops (buying things in most!)
The collages I made were out of any cool old magazines and leaflets I've kept in the last year or so, and I literally just cut and stick anything that looked pretty or interesting. I'm loving making collages recently, I think it's due to my sudden interest in graphic design, and just due to being bored.

'Girl on Chair'

'Shit The Bed'

'There's Nothing To See Here'
'To Bristol'

My ventures into about 10 different charity shops this week, has brought me to own some sick things. I am literally addicted to charity shop shopping though, so really need to stop before 'a few pounds here and there' turns in to a hefty bill on second hand clothes. As I seem to find some proper great buys for a tiny price, in the next few months I'm hoping to set up my own online vintage shop (with the help of Jack) where I'm gonna shop about and get some good vintage bits to sell on. So watch this space!


Adidas jacket - £5
Florida Gators vest - £2.95
Levi's top - £4
Vintage blouse - £3.50
Pink denim shorts - £2.49
Scarf - 99p

As well as making and buying things, I went over to Portishead after work one day to see my Mum and to see my boyfriend Jack. Jack picked me up in his car which was the weirdest thing ever as he's only just started learning to drive. Mum has recently moved in to a new flat in Portishead too, so it was nice to see that for the first time.

1. Jack driving
2. The view from Mum's flat a night
3. The view in the day
4. Inside the flat from the balcony
5 & 6. Decor
7. Bunting on the balcony

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