Wednesday, 4 July 2012

What really annoys me is that I do all these cute little things to make my room look pretty and no-one apart from Jack sees it! (And he doesn't really care that much) So I thought I'd take a few pictures of the little things in my room that I like/have added recently.

1 & 2. Poster (Meant to be gift wrap) - Urban Outfitters
3. L for Liv - A gift from my step-Mum and Dad for my birthday
4. My film camera prints
5. Post cards I have collected from various places above my map from Urban Outfitters
6. The map close up (Circled the countries I've been)
7. My pin board with loads of personal things on
8. Piggy bank - Charity shop, Plate - Majorca
9.Mug - Charity shop
10. A photo of my little sister and my Polaroid camera (which is just for show as the film is way too expensive)

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